All funding for the 60 boys and 25 staff members at
Jovenes en Camino comes from individuals, churches, foundations,
and grants. Every gift makes a difference.

At any time, you can send a donation of any amount to be used for the general operating expenses at Jovenes en Camino. These funds pay for utilities, routine maintenance, fuel, equipment costs, and other regular expenses that every home has, whether in Honduras or the United States.

Or, you can choose to sponsor a child. It costs $4,800/year to raise each boy at Jovenes en Camino. This amount provides housing, food, clothing, education and vocational training, and medical/dental care. Sponsors are asked to give at least $100/month to a child’s support, and we combine sponsors to ensure that our boys are fully sponsored. When you sign up to sponsor a boy, you will receive information about him, and we will keep you up to date on what is happening in his life.