Jovenes continues to expand and improve its facilities to provide the best opportunity for the boys to succeed.

Located in El Zamarano, the 8.8 acre campus of Jovenes en Camino sits near the Pan-American Agricultural School and University. It is an important part of the community and serves in partnerships to make a difference in the lives of those who live nearby.

The first dorm on the Jovenes en Camino campus opened in 2002 and housed 32 boys. Today, the campus is covered with lush landscaping, which is maintained by the boys, and multiple buildings for housing and education. There are now three residence buildings, each capable of housing 20 children along with the resident house parents. The boys have their own beds, wardrobe, and study space which gives them a sense of ownership in the home.

Other buildings on the property include the dining hall, carpentry shop, offices, a store and guest house. Jovenes also owns a 35 acre farm where the boys receive training in farming as they grow food to sell and supplement their own diets.

The dining hall is used for the weekly church services and devotionals, as well as for serving breakfast and lunch each day; dinner is shared, family-style, within each resident house. The carpentry shop and farm not only equip the boys to sustain themselves after they leave Jovenes, but they also contribute to the daily needs of the campus.

In 2018, Jovenes en Camino opened a tutoring center for the boys as well as a new clinic.  The clinic is open to the entire community of El Zamorano.